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Quick test fic

Post  Johuotar on Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:00 pm

The hallway was darker every time Twilight returned to it after searching yet another room. She had had to rely on a horn-light spell for a while now, as the windowless rooms were barely lit by the sunrays of the setting sun, coming through the windows on the hallway.

Just like the other rooms in this hallway, this one was almost barren except for the worn out rug and few wooden shelves. However, unlike the other rooms she had searched before, the shelves in this one weren’t empty. Instead on the shelves were multitude of wooden boxes, clay pots and other containers. A tiny metal safe on the lowest level of the shelf seemed off, being surrounded by dusty glass vials and broken jugs.

“What is that?” Twilight said while moving towards the nearest shelf, eyes fixed on the gray box. The small safe rose from the shelf and begun levitating in the air on Twilights eye-level height.

“It doesn’t have any dust on it. it can’t have been here for long. This has to be what he is looking for.”

Twilight carefully lowered the safe to the floor before examining the rest of the shelves. All the boxes and pots were either empty or shattered, as were most of the vials, except for two with some dark green liquid inside. Twilight raised the vials and shaked them lightly, but the green inside them stayed unmoving.

"Must have stiffened because of it's age, whatever it is." She returned the vials to the shelf and returned her attention to the safe.

The grey safe was notably small, only about fifteen inches in width and length. It had dial with numbers from zero to hundred.

"There's nothing that hints what the combination might be here, but it shouldn't be a problem."

She returned to the hallway with the safe levitating in front her. Finding it had far taken longer than expected.

"I found it!" she shouted, while smiling with a look of a winner.

Twilight continued back to the main hall and started climbing up the stairs. "Fluttershy, I think I found it!"

Twilight entered the large room on the second floor where Fluttershy was supposed to be waiting for her. She was surprised to find out her friend was nowhere to be seen and there was no longer fire on the fireplace. The basket next to the fireplace had plenty of firewood left and the pillow Fluttershy had been lying on was still in front of the fireplace. Twilight dropped the safe to the floor with loud thud.

The atmosphere of the dark manor was unnerving enough without anyone suddenly disappearing.

Where could she have gone? Fluttershy wouldn’t have left home without coming to speak to her first. She must be in here somewhere, probably in the–

Sound of crashing ceramic startled Twilight. Turning around, she saw her pegasus friend lying in on the floor on top of the stairs, surrounded by remains of the flower pot that had been on railing of the grand staircase.

“Fluttershy! Are you okay?”
Twilight walked to her friend with quick steps, while avoiding to step on the potshards. Fluttershy turned her head to look at Twilight, but made no effort to get up.

“I – I tripped.” Fluttershy answered quietly, even for her.

Twilight gazed where the pot had been. It was too far away for Fluttershy to have made it fall with her touch when she fell.

“Can you get up?” Twilight took additional step forward to lend her a hoof, crushing a piece of ceramic in the process. Fluttershy moved her head back and alarmed look appeared on her face, her eyes concentrated on Twilight.

“What is it Flu–” Twilight started, but she was cut off again by a loud puff and a blinding light blue smoke cloud that appeared as if in instant. She coughed and began to feel dizzy. Her world spinning, she fell to the board floor feeling incredibly sick.

“Thirty to right, forty-five to left and twenty to right.” said someone she couldn’t recognise, followed by thud and sound of running.
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